Directory - Santa Catalina Panama
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Santa Catalina is best known as a place for surfing, diving and fishing. Most visitors take advantage of its proximity to the National Marine Park of Coiba Island, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005, encompassing the largest live reef on the Western coastline of the American Continent.

Santa Catalina offers some of the best surfing spots in Panama, and it is the closest access point to Coiba Island, offering visitors world class diving.

Coiba Island is among the top dive spots on earth for the serious scuba diver, but also for average people who like to just pass the day sight seeing nature, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, bird watching, trail hiking or just beach lounging.

Santa Catalina’s beautiful beaches, lush forests and friendly people make it a great stop for travelers who want to enjoy and experience one of Panama’s best beach and island destinations while being able to travel on a minimal budget.

Hotels in Santa Catalina are limited to only 20 rooms, resulting in a small group of family owned and operated hostels, B&B’s, and boutique hotels, each offering their own individual touch and charm, with a very personalized service.