Restaurants - Santa Catalina Panama
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All restaurants in Santa Catalina are open air facilities. The food is homemade, fresh and very good. Santa Catalina offers a surprising variety of international foods at affordable prices. Options include Italian pastas and pizzas, Mexican Burritos, Argentinean grill, vegetarian options, authentic Panamanian food and of course an assortment of fresh fish and sea food.

Few restaurants are open all day, most open only for dinner around 6:30 pm.

Many of the hotels serve international breakfast now and hostels usually have a kitchen for common use. A variety of small local restaurants around the town center serve now Panamanian style breakfast too.

The options for lunch are limited, as most visitors do not spend their days in town and most restaurants close. But there are always options around town center, Estero Beach and Town Beach.

If you are planning to go on a day long boat trip to Coiba or other islands, you have to bring your lunch. Take away lunch can be arranged at various restaurants, the bakery, or food can be purchased in one of four MINI supermarkets.

RESTAURANTE PESCAO – – – (+507-6571-4387)

La Vieja Panaderia – Fb: La Vieja Panadería – – (+507- 6906-8186)

KILLS PLACE – Bar Restaurante – (+507- 6099-4649)

RESTAURANTE HOTEL IGUANITO – – (+507- 6556-4128)

RESTAURANTE HOTEL SOL Y MAR – – (+507-6920-2631)

LA BUENA VIDA RESTAURANTE / HOTEL – – (+507-6572-0664)